Child of the Inferno

The story I’m about to share with you is not one of the past, nor of the present, but a story of all time. This is a story that occurred today and yesterday, a story of tomorrow and next year… A story of forever.

There once was a young boy who lived in a house of wood. His behaviors had always set him apart from the other youth in the area; he had always possessed a penchant for causing drama and dissent wherever he went.

As he grew the boy developed a skill for starting fires that quickly turned to obsession, the boy’s mother began to worry for her son as he would go out alone for hours at a time and return with burns on his hands and arms, but no matter what she tried he would not stop.

One afternoon as the boy was napping the house began to get warmer and warmer; the boy awoke to a tickling sensation enveloping his body. When he opened his eyes the boy saw that he, and his bed, was engulfed in flames. The flames spread away from his bed slowly devouring his home, climbing the walls and crossing the floor, the boy rose and walked through his home spreading the fire as he went until at last the heat consumed him.

He was a part of the flames now, both at one with the inferno and against it. As his body was no more his spirit began to fly through the blazing walls of his former home and into a new place, a dark place.

Once his entirety had arrived he heard a voice, both within and without his being, and it spoke in a deep, rumbling voice “Welcome home Ignis, my son.


This is the first installment of an element themed collection of short stories, I intend to cover the elements of fire, water, air, earth and spirit.

Yours in Queerness,

Duo Spiritus


About duospiritus

I'm a seventeen year old two-spirit pansexual who has decided to blog about hir life, her past, his gender, their hardships and hir good times. I'll blog about anything and everything from my own life to politics, from local news to worldwide news and from personal drama to my drama career.

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