Do You Want To Play A Game?

I want to find out more about my readers and let Y’all find out more about me, so lets all answer a few of those “Conversation starters.” I’ll go first and then you can answer in the comment section below.

If you were going to live on a deserted island for a month what three items would you bring and what two people would you invite to come with you? No boats or planes or anything, you (hypothetically) want to do this, and food is not an issue.

I’d bring my Kindle, my iPod and a device to charge them both with solar power. I’d also invite my mom and my dog Snuffles to come along. Entertainment and company I could live with for a month without a buffer.

What was your favorite book when you were ages five, 10 and now? Why?

When I was five I really loved the books “Everybody Poops” and “The Napping House,” By the time I was ten I was into Harry Potter and now I couldn’t even tell you my favorite books… I love Ender’s Game, anything from Tamora Pierce’s Tortall collection, Cry of the Icemark and of course the Harry Potter series is still a favorite. I’ll take any Fantasy suggestions (I like knights) or Dystopic fiction of any sort.

If you could ask any one person (fiction or real) one question, what would it be?

I have to say I’d ask Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore why he let Harry stay in an abusive household even after he knew how bad it was. That was just not OK…

Well now it’s your turn, lets see some thoughtful answers! Yours in Queerness, Duo Spiritus


About duospiritus

I'm a seventeen year old two-spirit pansexual who has decided to blog about hir life, her past, his gender, their hardships and hir good times. I'll blog about anything and everything from my own life to politics, from local news to worldwide news and from personal drama to my drama career.

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  1. 1. Just for one month? I’d probably try to wean myself off of the internet..haha
    a) I’d bring some music (: Probably via my Ipod.
    b) A deck of cards.
    c) A journal and a pen. For doodling and writing about the experience.
    I’d bring my best friend and a cat. Don’t need more than that.
    2. Apparently, when I was five, my favourite book was this book called ‘Threadbear’. It was about a bear that got lost and went on ‘adventures’. When I was ten I was 100% fascinated by the Harry Potter series (like everyone I suppose). And I kid you not, Ender’s Game is my favourite book right now. That entire series is utterly mind-blowing.
    3. I’d ask Stanley Kubrick for his autograph. Hahaha. That sounds so lame and ridiculous.

    • I LOVE the Ender series, I just finished Ender in Exile a day or two ago and I loved it. Which of the books have you read?

      Yours in Queerness,
      Duo Spiritus

      • The original tetralogy (Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind), plus a few in the Shadow series. Shadow of the Hedgemon, Shadow of the Giant and a few others I can’t remember right now. (:

        • Oh wow! I’ve read up to Xenocide as well as Ender in Exile but none of the shadow series…I’m about to start Children of the Mind (just found it) and when I’m ready for a new book (in march or so as Christmas always brings new books to our home) I’ll be borrowing Ender’s Shadow from a friend.
          I highly recommend Ender in Exile, it’s quite good.

          Yours in Queerness,
          Duo Spiritus

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