‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly?

For me the holiday season is a time of mixed emotions, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. On one hand it is so much fun to give and receive gifts to those you care about, on the other I can’t help but think of how so many families can’t afford food or rent let alone a holiday celebration.

I am lessening the guilt slightly by doing all of my holiday shopping at a few thrift stores in my area that give their proceeds to causes I believe in. This supports many of my ideals; keeping my money local, keeping my spending down and re-purposing items. I can’t think of a better deal than getting things for half the sticker price while the half you pay goes to feed starving families or support HIV/AIDS research and services.

In the grand scheme of things it matters not what holidays, if any, you celebrate this season or why you do so but it does matter that you do so with a little thought for others. Think of those who are cold this winter because they have no home and no money for a decent jacket, think of those who are hungry while you feast, think of children with no family to live with. If you can afford it take in a foster child over the holidays, if not donate what you can. Use what little you can use to better the life of a fellow human being. Every winter I give away blankets to homeless people despite the fact it may mean that I am a little chilly in my warm bed so I have to plug in a space heater… Wait a second, that’s barely a sacrifice at all!

Give what you can this season and all seasons and remember that the only reason you have something to give is because someone, somewhere gave you something you needed, even if you don’t remember it.

Yours in Queerness,
Duo Spiritus


About duospiritus

I'm a seventeen year old two-spirit pansexual who has decided to blog about hir life, her past, his gender, their hardships and hir good times. I'll blog about anything and everything from my own life to politics, from local news to worldwide news and from personal drama to my drama career.

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