Dogs Are Funny People…

So yesterday I was getting ready to leave the house and my dog, Snuffles, was quite displeased with the idea of me leaving the house without him. So smart dog that he is he finds his leash and brings it right to me, when I tell him he isn’t going at put his leash back where it goes he ambled off slowly and before I know it he has placed his leash right on top of the bag I was taking with me. Dogs and cats are just as smart as we are, we just don’t always remember that. So remember to love your dogs, and your friends, neighbors, relative’s dogs and give them lots of treats.

Yours in Queerness,
Duo Spiritus


About duospiritus

I'm a seventeen year old two-spirit pansexual who has decided to blog about hir life, her past, his gender, their hardships and hir good times. I'll blog about anything and everything from my own life to politics, from local news to worldwide news and from personal drama to my drama career.

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  1. dogs are scary …lol

    i just ruined your post sorry haha

  2. A few months ago, my husband and I adopted a puppy, we didn’t realize that we were really getting an annoying roommate rather then a loving family pet. As far as Dogs go, he seems pretty intelligent….as far as Shiba Inu’s (his breed) I think he’s a bit…..slow….He’s rude, like that roommate that messes the house up and tells you “hey, your places is trashed…you should clean it” or eats something and says “oh, hey….you’re out of food…you should do something about it.” Dogs are supposed to be loving and grateful…somehow my 5 month old puppy…has this ‘I am entitled’ mentality… 😦

    • Five month old puppies are in the adolescent stage of development, old enough to know better but without the self control to actually do better. I suggest Watching The dog Whisperer his ideas on dog training work well for just about every dog and every problem.

      Yours in Queerness,
      Duo Spiritus

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